Uncontested Divorce in Virginia

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  3 Easy Steps for Uncontested Divorce:

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The Babington Law Office, PLLC is dedicated to providing valuable and cost-efficient legal service. The outcome of cases for our clients that need assistance in the areas of family or immigration laws have an enormous impact on their future. Therefore, it is the firm's objective to take an individualized approach to each case.

We provide to our clients information pertinent and specific to the issues related to their cases so they can make informed decisions for their benefit. We work closely with our clients, and thus a relationship with our clients is based on trust and dedication to their specific needs.

If you require any of the above services, please contact us. When available, we offer Saturday appointments. The consultation fee will be applied towards payment of your legal fees, when you retain our legal services.

If your divorce is constested or you have any other family or immigration law issues, please call or e-mail our office for an initial office or phone consultation. The initial consultation fee is $150.00 (non refundable). Should you retain us after initial consultation, the $150.00 consultation fee will be credited towards our legal fees.